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Beginners Fast Track to Singing ON-LINE Course


Please read the details below to ensure this is the right course for you.

Access to the course will be given within a few days of your payment. Once we have received your booking we will be in contact with you.

For instant access or payment plans please click HERE to pay for and access Fast Track to Singing With Confidence.

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Do you feel frustrated because you want to sing but feel like you just don’t have the confidence in your own voice to do it? You know you do have a voice in there but you haven’t found a way to get it out yet. Maybe you worry you’re just doing it wrong! Part of you wishes you had started when you were younger and it feels like it might be too late to do it now.

I help people to find their inner voice and learn to control the nerves enough to let it out.

  • afraid you aren’t good enough?
  • so afraid of people’s feedback that you never have the courage to sing for them?
  • too embarrassed to go to a singing teacher?
  • busy and not sure if it’s worth the time it might take to improve?

Do you just wish there was a way to learn to sing that was more relaxed, informal and fun so you can learn at your own pace? Well, here is the answer!

This Course…
  • Offers cost effective, learn at home classes to get you started in your own time and at your own pace
  • An experienced supportive teacher who can teach you in an engaging and fun way
  • Covers technique that will transform your sound and help you conquer your nerves
  • Lessons are delivered through 21 videos that are short and to the point – with additional written tips and explanations
  • And it WILL work with as little as 10 to 20 minutes a day practice – you won’t know how good you can get until you try!

This course is a quick, easy to follow course for people who would love to sing better, perform for friends & family and have more confidence in their voice.

Unlike conventional singing lessons that presume you have a base of basic music knowledge, the course starts from scratch with a unique, easy to relate to video based course that has everything you need to motivate you and help you to improve quickly.

The course is geared towards beginner singers who haven’t had much vocal training and who are lacking in confidence.

Who this course is for:
  • you want to enjoy your singing but struggle due to lack of singing skills, confidence and self-belief
  • you are keen to connect with other secret singers and cheer them on as you receive support from them also
  • you have little or no previous experience
  • you have the time and money to commit to doing the course consistently so that you can see real results
Who the course isn’t for:
  • you already feel confident about your singing skills
  • you don’t have the time to commit to doing the course consistently so that you can see real results
  • you can’t hold a tune at all yet (contact me about private lessons if so)
  • gaining confidence is NOT that important to you at this time
  • don’t want to connect with other secret singers and cheer them on

“Aideen Ni Riada is a friendly, gentle teacher who provides singing lessons in a relaxed, fun manner. Don’t wait, do it now, as I did and I’m enjoying every minute.” Anne Bradley O’Reilly

“I highly recommend Aideen to anyone who is embracing music as a hobby, way of life, favourite past time and more. Whether it’s for crowds, family, friends or yourself, this wonderfully warming woman delivers!” Daniel Baillieul

Table of Contents
  1. Your Voice as an Instrument
  2. Breathing To Sing
  3. Improving Your Sound
  4. Knowing & Owning Your Song
  5. Singing For Other People – You Have Got This!!
Bonus: Importance of Posture
Bonus: 10 min Warm Up
Why learn from me?
  • I’m passionate about helping you to express yourself through song & build confidence in other areas of your life in the process
  • I’m going to give you the most practical information that I know works for myself and my students at every level
  • I’ve been teaching confidence in singing full-time for the last 3 years and I’ve been singing and studying singing for more than 20 years
  • My work was featured on Irish TV on RTE Nationwide, on Beat 102 103 Radio, South East Radio, in Ireland’s Own Magazine and mentioned in the Irish Independent Newspaper Health Supplement
  • I have helped more than 80 beginner singers perform in fully staged concerts in Wexford Arts Centre
  • I’m a singer myself and used to struggle with my own confidence but now I am writing and recording my own original music
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