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Some LOVELY Wedding News

Some LOVELY Wedding News


I have a some lovely news for you all.

Just 6 weeks ago I got MARRIED to gorgeous Mike from LA, who I actually met 10 years ago in Dublin at the Metro Cafe. We were together for a while then but because of the distance we decided to go our separate ways until two Christmases ago when I hopped on a plane to see him.

Mike is an amazing musician, composer for movies and ads and a music producer for songwriters and bands and somehow I convinced him to move to sleepy New Ross from LA 🙂 I almost didn’t believe he was coming but he moved here last summer and this summer we got hitched! (Photos below)

So, why am I telling you all this. Well, some of you might be curious about me and my life but also because I want to talk to you about second chances.

Many of you love singing or music and would love to do more with it but in the past you weren’t happy with your voice and nerves sabotaged your singing when you least expected it.

I just got married in my 40s to a man I met 10 years ago! I can tell you anything can happen and previous disappointment is NOT an indicator that you should never try again.

I believe in second chances!

I believe that good things are ahead of you and me!

I can imagine YOU singing your heart out!! I can see you having more fun with singing and enjoying it more with people who support you and love to listen to you.

Lots of love!

PS I’ve just launched my first on-line singing course Fast Track to Singing with Confidence so that wherever you are, you can learn to sing for fun too!! Click Here to find out more.

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